There are several ways that families from districts outside of Northwood and Strafford might learn about Coe-Brown prior to making a decision about whether or not to have their student apply to attend. One of the best ways is to talk with current and past students and their families. Other opportunities are listed below.

Learn More about Us through our Website

Throughout this website, prospective students and families can learn about many facets of life at Coe-Brown. The Agenda Book posting contains the complete student handbook of policies and rules. The Daily Notices and the Student Activities Calendar will both give you other details regarding life at our school. There is also information about contacting any of the personnel through e-mail if you have specific questions.

Opportunities to see Coe-Brown in Action

Another excellent way to get a flavor of our school is to attend an event here!

  • “Alice in Wonderland”: CBNA’s Fall production, October 27-29 at 7pm
  • Winter Arts Festival: December 6 at 6 P.M. Visual Arts, Chorus, Band, and Drama performances start at 7:00 P.M. in the Gerrish Gym.
  • The fall sports season is in full-swing! The dates and times for all home soccer and volleyball games, golf matches, and cross country meets are available through the CBNA website under, Athletics. Home basketball games begin in December for girls and boys. JV plays at 5:30 with the Varsity at 7:00 P.M., complete with Pep Band and Benny the Bear. Again, check under Athletics on our website for specific dates and times.

Admissions fees are charged for these events.

Shadow Days

Due to the demand for prospective students to visit Coe-Brown for a Shadow Day prior to making a decision about whether or not to apply for the coming year, we are asking each family to consider seriously whether or not a visit is necessary: i.e. If an older sibling already attends Coe-Brown and you know that the next will certainly apply, perhaps he or she may not need to shadow. We also ask that, if applicable, the elementary/middle school counselors assist in coordinating these visits.

Shadow days will run from late September through November 22nd. We remind you that visits can be complicated by weather delays or cancellations, so please plan ahead, and if in doubt about the weather, listen to the delays and cancellations or check our website. It is fine to attend on a delayed start day, since you still would go through the whole planned schedule for the day.

To minimize disruptions to our own classes, we do limit the number of visitors on any one day. Requests to visit will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Students please note:

  • Whether you come to school with your host by car or bus or your parents bring you in the morning, we ask that you check in between 7:30 and 7:45 in the Guidance Department, on the same hallway as the Office (in the oldest building of our complex on the south side of Route 4), so that we know you’re here and can give you a name-tag. Friday visitors should be here by 7:40 so that you’ll have time to get to the Morning Assembly across the street in the gym in Smith Hall. Dismissal time is 2:34. Parents may want to arrange pick-up a bit later to avoid bus and student driver traffic.
  • We try to match you with a host or hostess who has classes in which you’ve expressed an interest, but the idiosyncrasies of our 7-day rotating schedule occasionally make this difficult, especially if you also have requested a particular person to shadow. If you have asked to shadow a person who is currently in virtually none of the types of classes you wish to visit, we may reassign you to another host or hostess.
  • Bring a book or schoolwork with you in case your host has a study hall that day or one of the classes is administering a quiz or test in which you cannot participate.
  • You may bring a lunch or buy one here (allow about $4-6 for a full lunch). There are vending machines as well as the Coe-Brown lunch options.
  • If your host has Physical Education on your visiting day, you may participate if you have brought a change of clothes and sneakers with you.
  • Finally, visiting students are reminded that they should be on their best behavior. We notice!

If you are interested in visiting Coe-Brown, please complete the Request for Visit form and return it to your guidance counselor in accord with whatever deadlines he/she establishes. Parents of students not currently attending Barrington or Nottingham Schools are asked to return the request directly to Tara Tenasco at the address above by either mail or fax.

Further Questions?

The guidance counselors are assigned by student last name.  If you have further questions about Coe-Brown other than arranging the shadow day, please contact the appropriate counselor listed below:

A – De: Jennifer Burns
Di – J: Nathan Bassett
K – Pi: Tara Tenasco
Pl – Z: Jennifer Cox


Coe-Brown Northwood Academy
907 First New Hampshire Turnpike
Northwood, NH 03261

Fax 603-942-7537