Please read the following yearbook information CAREFULLY prior to placing your yearbook order.

The 2018-2019 yearbook is now on sale. We are using a different company than last year and there are some important things to pay attention to when placing your yearbook orders. Most notably, the “Spring Supplement” is now called the “AUTOGRAPH SUPPLEMENT”. This is a 32-page addition to the yearbook containing all spring sports, spring play/concert, prom, graduation and baccalaureate. The “Autograph Supplement” is INCLUDED in the Deluxe and Basic Yearbook packages and only needs to be purchased separately if you are not ordering one of the packages, yet still want the supplement. As always, additional features and items can be added separately, but will be more costly than the package deals described below.

The absolute last day to order is January 31st. No exceptions or extensions will be made.

We have made every effort to keep the cost of our yearbooks the same. Prices are as follows:

Yearbook without autograph supplement (spring supplement) – $48

Basic Package – Yearbook and Autograph Supplement (Spring Supplement), Namestamp with one line of text and one icon, and one clear book protector – $69

Deluxe Package – Yearbook and Autograph supplement (Spring Supplement), Namestamp with one line of text and three icon, and one clear book protector – $77

Autograph Supplement (Spring Supplement) – $16

Please contact Kathy Biery ( or Michael Clauss ( with any questions.

Kind regards,

Kathy Biery and Michael Clauss

Coe-Brown Northwood Academy Yearbook

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