Bowling Season Sports Wrap

It’s the winter sports season here at CBNA. While everyone talks about basketball, there seems to be one sport that is overlooked: bowling.. The roster is looking solid this year. Returning members include Caitlyn van Gerena, Tyler Clark, Winter Lussier, Sabrina Jeffers, Lucas Laliotis, and Brianna Burke. Their game on Saturday was against Stevens High School at Maple Lanes in Claremont. Laliotis got a double strike near the end of his 1st game, though failed to make up for it in the 2nd. During the baker round, Laliotis’ squad lost by one point. When interviewed afterwards he had this to say. “We tried our hardest, but barely made it in the end. I couldn’t pretend to be upset because I was exhausted, and wanted to go home to get ready for my piano lesson at 4:30.” Their next game is up at Merrimack Ten-Pin Center in Merrimack against Souhegan High School on the 14th. They hope that you can watch their schedule and come to their games prepared to cheer the Bears on.