Theatre Feature

The Coe-Brown theatre department has had to seriously rethink their approach to how they would continue the program. Due to the Corona Virus, no actual shows have been allowed for the foreseeable future. The CDC recommends having shows outside with the actors ten feet apart, but this is simply impossible. Instead, the program has had a different approach to their way of keeping the theatre alive. The school theatre has made the plan to have weekly workshops to practice and improve upon their students’ skills. The three main subjects that the program has worked on are movement acting, technical theatre, and they have just started to work in musical theatre. The new program is solely based on improving the skills of these fresh and experienced actors, without the stress of a fall show. 

The leaders of the CBNA theatre program are Mrs. Moynihan and Ms. Hume. They have taken over for the retired Mrs. Lent, and are continuing the legacy of the theatre. When asked: How do you think the theatre is going in the new world of covid? Mrs. Moynihan replied, “it is a sad and challenging time, but I am thrilled to see how artists are coming together to find new and innovative ways to bring theatre to audiences. For us, it has been a challenge, because we have not been able to do our fall and winter shows as usual. We have come up with workshops, staged readings, and a planned writing project to help fill that performance void. While this has been tough, it has also allowed us to focus on skills building, which we did not always previously have time to do. The work that we have seen from our students has been tremendous and has really allowed us to see future directions for shows and programming in later seasons”. When asked the same question Ms. Hume responded by saying: “I mostly feel lucky that we’ve been able to come up with a plan to keep CBNA Theatre moving forward here. I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with Mrs. Moynihan who is brilliant and excited to work with our students and share all of her knowledge and experience. We are very proud of the program that we’ve put together for the fall! Although we can’t produce a typical show, it’s been really exciting to plan and develop workshops to introduce students to new skills and practice ones that might be a little rusty. We wanted to put together something for everyone: Movement Mondays, Tech Tuesdays, musical theatre, straight plays, playwriting, and more! It feels like we are teaching and learning even more than we would have during the run of a traditional show.”

I also asked the teacher if they feel any pressure running the theatre program. Mrs. Moynihan responded with: “I do feel pressure to run the theatre program because I am lucky to be stepping into a well-established theatre program that Mrs. Lent ran for many years along with Ms. Hume. I am so thankful that I got to spend all of last year getting to know the students at Coe-Brown and the way the theatre program was run. The Covid situation has changed many things for us, but the dedication of our students has not. My hope is always to be providing students with challenging, engaging, dynamic, and fun theatre experiences, while also giving them theatre skills that they can use in the classroom and beyond. One of the more challenging aspects of my job as a theatre teacher is making sure that I am picking a material that is appropriate for the students that we have but will also challenge them allowing them to expand on their existing skills and talents. Ultimately, it is the absolute best part of my job. I have always believed that theatre is an important area of the arts and I am thrilled that I get to bring my love and passion for it to the students at Coe-Brown. Ms. Hume answered: “I think the thing I feel most pressured about is making the theatre program just as fun, collaborative, and educational as it typically is under very atypical circumstances. We have so many talented new freshmen and sophomores that haven’t had a lot of time with us yet! It’s important to me that they feel like they’re a part of our company, and that everyone’s time is being valued. That can be tricky at the end of a long day in a mask. Overall, despite all of the challenges we are facing in terms of performance and spacing restrictions, I feel like each individual student has had more opportunity to learn and grow under these unusual circumstances than they might have during a full production! That’s what makes all of the pressure worth it.”

Students such as Darin Sweet, a Senior at Coe-Brown and President of the International Thespian Society, agrees that “there has been a lot of restriction when it comes to the new program, but we are doing a great job with doing our best and improving our theatrical skills”. He also stated, “that he missed the old theatre, but he is still having lots of fun”. Darin is a long-time member of the CBNA theatre, participating in all four years of Highschool and he is planning on continuing in college. Ariella Price, a freshman at Coe-Brown, was anxious about joining the theatre program at the beginning of the year. During her interview, Ariella stated that “many things changed during the pandemic and definitely the theatre she had been used to”.  Ariella also says she “is free to be herself, and that she loves the theatre program. Ariella is a, just joined theatre member, but is planning to participate for the rest of her Highschool career.

Hopefully the future is brighter for the theatre program. Everyone was disappointed with this year, but the theatre program found a way to keep up the spirits of its members. Perhaps one day things will get back to normal, and show production will be able to continue. For now the audience will just have to wait. 

Samuel Marcotte

Teacher Feature – Chris Burns

Mr. Burns is a new teacher this year! He is teaching freshman physical education and sophomore team or individual sports. I have the pleasure in taking one of his sophomore team sports classes and it is a blast. This also means that I had time to ask him some questions about his experience as a bear. 

Mr. Burns taught at Northwood Elementary School before he started teaching here for the 2020-2021 school year. He talked to me about how different it is here saying, “It is different to be teaching older, more mature, students that are all so close in age”. He says he enjoys teaching older students and getting to play with them and interact with them on almost a daily basis. “I end up playing a lot of games and getting in on activities with all of my students and I really enjoy it”. Mr. Burns is almost like one of the kids in class and gym class with him is so fun. He also has some of his former students from Northwood in his new class and everyone involved enjoys the fun and lighthearted atmosphere!

I also had some time and asked him how the experience of being a CBNA bear is going for him. He told me that it is definitely different to be teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic especially it being his first year here. He also says that it has been good for his teaching style to receive feedback from his fellow faculty members and that he too is learning a lot. The only difference from Northwood he says, “I got to walk around the whole school when I had freetime. Now I’m kind of stuck in Smith Hall all day but I do have lots of kids and classes”. Overall Mr. Burns has decided that he really likes being a part of CBNA and most of his students would say that we love having him.


– Ella Brooks

Care About Your Local Election

As everyone knows the day of voting is almost here for the next election. I’m sure you’ve seen political ads on Chris Sununu, Dan Feltes, Biden, and Trump, with everyone telling you that “this is the most important election of our time”. Well in some ways it is, but why should high school students care when most of us can’t even vote yet? Even though you are not the legal age to vote, you should still pay attention to your country’s politics. Listening to debates, reading articles, or watching the news could improve your understanding of what’s happening. If you still don’t understand, ask your parents or grandparents about politics, what their views are, who they are going to vote for, and why. Local elections are just as important as national elections. Chris Sununu is the Governor of New Hampshire, which means he makes a lot of important decisions for our state. Even he is running this year for another term. You should care about what happens to where you live. 

It’s a part of your American rights to be aware of politics. Even as a teenager, you are shaping the very world you stand in. Our generation is the future of America.. Eventually, it will be your turn to decide on your candidate and to vote for them, if you pay attention now, you’ll be ready. Your vote will be one of the most important things you can do as an American citizen. So get out and do your research! sure you learn as much as possible about politics and voting because one day you might need to.

Samuel Marcotte

Quarter 1 Honor Roll 2020-2021

Grade 12      HIGH HONOR ROLL

Jacob Anderson, Sylas Aucella, Jennifer Bettencourt, Amelia Brackett, Morgan Burnap, Hogan Cain, Austin Carrier, Charlotte Cleaver, Addison Cox, Gabrielle Critchett, Molly Ewing, Corinne Fernald, Carter Ford, Camryn Gatchell, Madeline Grygiel, Broder Gunderson, Porter Heigis, Allison Mackey, Sarah Marsh, Tessa Millette, Emily Morris, Robert Morrison, Riley Mulligan, Isabel Myers, Emma Naves, Kira Neal Burk, Olivia Noni, Emma Pinard, Matthew Ramstrom, Jeremy Richards, Aidyn Short, Anika Smith, Autumn Stevens, Darin Sweet, Drusilla Szatko, Valentina White, Jordan Whittier, Emma Zollman


Grade 12      HONOR ROLL

Charlie Adcock IV, Skyler Arnold, Richard Bacon, Declan Baker, Kaden Beliveau, Tyler Bistany, Cameron Black, Nicholas Boucher, Emily Buehne, Aislin Burt, Shane Carey, Race Caunter, Benjamin Clinch, Alexander Davidson, Jesse Davis, Mya Dicey, Parker Eaton, Cullen Escabi, Harrison Flood, Aidan Flynn, Willow Folsom, Nolan Grassi, Aaron Gundersen, Patrick Hill, Jacob Hobart, Kathryn Hocevar, Degan Hodgdon, Jacob Hodgdon, Michael Holderby, Camden Johnson, Samantha Lemay, John Levitow III, Adeline McAlpin, Morgan McPhee, Logan Mihelich, Giovanni Minasalli, William Moehlmann, Hunter Murray, Keegan Paradis, Mary Katherine Patteson, Benjamin Peverly, Jacob Phinney, Jenna Pogorek, Clayton Price, Andrew Quaglia, Mackenzie Quick, Katelyn Rand, Tyler Rose, Brenna Roy, Cooper Sayers, Cole Smith, Benjamin Snow, Sarah Souliere, Jackson Thibeault, Luke Tkaczyk, Elijah Tomlinson-Burrell, Jordan Trahant, Thomas Trumble, Beatrice Tursi, Rachel Tuttle, Caitlyn van Gerena, Ty Votour, Anneliese Wade, Eliana Walk, Makayla Ware, Lian Welch, Charlotte Winiarski, Tanner Wotton



Heather Airey, Megan Brieger, Alyssa Chalifour, Jackson Colby, Jacob Cook, Samuel Dupuis, Mallory Farrar, Meredith Gibson, Kaelyn Hardy, Gabs Hendershot, Cadence Howard, Emily Huebel, Morgan Koskela, Kevin Kouchoukos, Eleanor LaBrie, Martin Lacerte, Anders Larson, Samuel Lavoie, Skye Loto, Anya Marengo, Sragvi Nomula, Madelynn Peabody, Michael Robinson Jr., Eva Roy, Kiara Summers, Parker Tatem, Anne Thoms, Joshua Warner, Molly York


Grade 11    HONOR ROLL 

Nevaeh Acevedo, Alexa Ball, Rylee Barry, Malli Begin, Kylie Bocash, Rowan Boyce, Sierra Brown, Emma Brunelle, Davin Buccieri, Burke Bulger, Olivia Buzzell, Thomas Cirillo, Jamie Coe, Carolina Colley, Tucker Collins, Jacob Cowan, Lacy Davis, Jordan Dean, Amelia Edmonds, Alexandra Elliot, Eiligh Fenske, Gretchen Fichera, Sydney Folsom, Nicole Gaedtke, Michael Gannon, Trevor Gardner, Cameron Garland, Hunter Graham, Dawson Green, Lars Grotenhuis, Camryn Hildreth, Nicholas Indelicato, Seth Ireland, Sabrinalin Jeffers, Charles Jones, Aidan Kane, Colin Kilbreth, Alexander Knight, Misaki Kondrup, Jack Lano, Samuel Lapiejko, Alexis Laughton, Makena Lee, Max Leifer, Reagan LoVecchio, Maxwell Lupinacci, Michael Lurvey, Bryanna Lyons, Owen McLean, Kaitlyn Miller, Kelsey Nadeau, Kailynne Nicoll, Evan Parker, Jacob Pelletier, Nicholas Principato, Nicholas Pruett, Karli Pujo, Alexander Quaglia, Seth Quinney, Benjamin Reiff, Natalie Riley, Nicholas Schroeder, Sydney Schwartz, Owen Silsby-Belknap, Natalie Sinnamon, Alexandra Stover, James Thomas, Turner Totten, Trista Tufts, Ethan Vachon, Lily Veneroni, Elizabeth White, Emma Wiley, Camren Winde, Abby Wojtkowski, Ellie Wolthuis, Caleb Yates



Megan Adams, Josephine Antosiewicz, Eric Boheen, Ella Brooks, Jillian Brown, Sophie Carloni, Rowan Carr, Nikhil Chavda, Drew Clinch, William Countey III, Aidan Cox, Madison DeCota, Gabriel Dellario, Lucille Ewing, Sheldyn Fisher, Nathaniel Ford, Caitlin Frost, Gwyneth Glaser, Madeleine Grenier, Riley Jackson, Bridget Kelly, Samara Kern, Brady Kouchoukos, Emma Larson, Samuel Marcotte, Sierra McGahey, Allie McGuigan, Isabella Naves, Jonathan Pelletier, Audrey Perron, Lillian Perry, Ean Pinard, Christopher Reed, Josephine Romatelli, Claire Siegert, Lily Silvester, Geneva Telehala, Julia Tursi, Elizabeth Weiss, Liam Wheeler, Lillian Wotton, John Zhang


Grade 10  HONOR ROLL

Courtney Abell, Caleb Adams, Benjamin Anderson, Julie Anderson, Maya Barthel, Eli Beede, Zachary Bistany, Brandon Brown, Brendan Castine, Robert Chadbourn, Kaitlyn Chase, Anushka Chavda, Carly Clemmer, Cassandra Clery, Jameson Coelho, Emberlyn Connor, Ross Cook, Alexis Cowan, Anthony DeBello, Kyle DeGrace, Henry Devaney, Samuel Drake, Samantha Dunton, Andrew Dyer, Shea Escabi, Thomas Flanagan, Devon Foley, Lauren Gibson, Gabriela Gracia, Jakob Hall, Christopher Helm, Ian Helm, Aidan Hickey, Finn Hill, Nicholas Hobart, Landon Huntington, Connor Joy, Matthew Labrecque, Trevor Letendre, Aidan Lindsey, Jacob Marsh, Brady Marston, Sophie Mathison, Olivia McGrail, Sydney Meehan, Cecilia Mello, Seamus Mone, Tanessa Nault, Wesley Perry, Carl Peters, Benjamin Place, Lilian Poulin, Hailey Pruett, Daisy Rowe-Fiscus, Noelle Sartin, Molly Sawyer, Frederick Schaaff IV, Cameron Sevin, Natalie Sicard, Sydney Smith, Connor Strum, Dylan Swasey, Mallory Taylor, Jailyn Thimba, Tyler Tkaczyk, Jack Whitcher



Rex Betts-Levine, Isabella Bouchard, Justin Cook, Kyla DeMontigny, Bailee DeTrude, James Edmonds, Nicholas Fallon, Francesca Ferguson, Olivia Frost, Andrew George, Joelle Hanscom, Eleanor Hill, Colin Kane, Kalina Kasprzak, Ainsley Kilbreth, James Lano, Michaela Linskey, Somer Loto, Donovan Martin, Evelyn McLaughlin, Jackson Moore, Marin Morrison, Sanjith Nomula, Samantha Peasley, Stephen Perry, Jayden Porter, Christopher Raymond, Alexander Readel, Hannah Shortt, Thomas Small, Holly Smith, Makennah Tatem, Julianna Vagi, Elias Warner



Mackenzie Aham, Jordyn Albin, Roy Atkisson, Connor Bagnell, Sidda-Rose Baker, Kody Barry, Benjamin Bartlett, Sydney Bergeron, Brock Bieniek, Emma Bilodeau, Alyviah Blad, Rylee Boucher, Nolynn Brackett, Alex Brodeur, Lily Buehne, Sarah Buehrer, Claire Burbank, Dylan Burovac, Joseph Bush, Liberty Cillo, Abigail Coleman, Mason Collins, Gavin Dabrieo, Sara Davis, Evelynn Dearborn, Andrew DeBello, Patrick Ferland, Keith Folsom, Joseph Fraser, Eliana Gracia, Luke Graham, Joseph Grassi, Sophia Grassi, Daniel Grober, Annika Gunderson, Isabella Hanscome, Campbell Hartford, Maxwell Heigis, Jacqueline Heilshorn, Annie Jerome, Faelynne Johnson, Leighelle Johnson, Wesley Jones, Isabelle Laliberte, Susannah Lavoie, Maxwell Lemay, Hazel Lichtenwalner, Cameron Lindsey, Nathaniel LoVecchio, Reed Lyle, Justin Mandigo, Connor Marquette, Quinn Martyniak, Ryan Matson, Honorah McGlone, Saere McGuinness, Liam McLean, Ethan McNeil, Zalan Miko’, Courtney Morris, Kiley Murphy, Elan Murray, Mackenzie Nadeau, Oliver Neuschuez, Hayley Newick, Elizabeth Norman, Sawyer Pedersen, Owen Perra, Justin Perry, Tyler Phinney, Caitlin Power, Ariella Price, Kylie Prusia, Judith Quinney, Eva Rose, Quinn Salter, Jack Smith, Justin Stevens, Sarah Sullivan, Kassidy Taylor, Emily Todd, Emerson Totten, Chloe Walters, Ethan Waterhouse, Avery Wells, Elizabeth Wolf, Adam Woroniak, Chelsea Young