Dear Coe-Brown Community, 

The CBNA Journalism class would like to show our appreciation for our hardworking, dedicated teachers. They sacrifice so much for their students. They’re always willing to set time aside to help. Coe-Brown teachers go above and beyond what is expected of them without complaint. Our teachers are heroes each year, but this year especially, and we would like to take this space to give them the thanks that they deserve. 

We share with you a collection of profile pieces highlighting several wonderful faculty members.

To all of our teachers, we appreciate and celebrate you. Thank you for everything.


The CBNA Today Staff and Journalism Class

The 100 words I am going to write will be in appreciation of Mr. O’Rourke. There haven’t really been any personal moments, but most of the time he gets my references and jokes in class. I have had a lot of fun teachers in my 12 years of going to school, and Mr. O’Rourke is one of the more recent ones who I really enjoy being taught by. It could just be the class being interesting, or maybe it’s his style of teaching, maybe his personality, too. All I know is that I had fun in his class this year.

In my first year of high school I got tired and headaches often. My math teacher said that instead of doing homework that I could rest my eyes. I appreciate him for that. I had a health teacher that asked about if people lost anyone that they knew from covid. The day before my grandpa passed from covid, I told her. She said that I could go when I pleased if I needed a break from the topic. I appreciate her for that.

This year a teacher I appreciate is my biology teacher who is Mrs George. I appreciate her a lot because she is very helpful not only about science class but in general when I need it. It helps that I have known her for a very long time but she helps me out with work and helps me understand stuff in class. But even non work related she helps me out when I need it. She gave me a little more leeway in class and helped me when I needed help for classes next year and some assignments that I was confused on or needed information to do some work for another class. I also know if I needed to talk to someone about anything school related or anything in general I could go to her and I’m sure she would be there to help and talk to me. 

Ms. Fenerty, you put up with this class on the worst days, and you laugh with us on our best, and if you need to be stern, you don’t hold back. We all love the music you play before class, even if you have to put up with Gavin changing it. And some of the other boys chatting, yes even the girls. And you listen, you listen to your students suggestions and ideas, you help us when we’re truly struggling. You listen to me when I have another bizarre story idea, you have no idea how much it means to me.

Through the lowest lows to the highest highs Mrs. Ward has always been there for every student of hers. Whether it’s FFA related or not she has been there to lift up her students and be a part of what makes them happy. From me to you, a huge thank you for always being the backbone to students’ school life and trying to find the good in everything. For not getting frustrated but showing a new way, thank you for taking everyone in as you own and always trying to be an understanding safe place. The officer team and CBNA community are thankful to have you.