CBNA Scholastic Art Awards 2022

Twenty-One Coe-Brown Students representing 39 works of art receive statewide recognition in

The Scholastic Art Awards of New Hampshire 2022


The Art Department is pleased to announce that the following students received recognition in the 2022 Scholastic Art Awards of New Hampshire Competition – An Affiliate Partner of the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, Inc. A virtual exhibition and virtual ceremony is planned for a March 11th at 6 PM for a live streaming launch.


Coe-Brown Student recipients are as follows:



Name (Grade) Award Title
Lauren Gibson (11) Silver Key Award – Painting Man and Nature
Gabs Hendershot (12) Gold Key Award – Photography Hullo Darling
Gold Key Award – Portfolio Man to the Slaughter
Honorable Mention Award – Portfolio Rowan: A Study



Name (Grade) Award Title
Jeiza Chacha (9) Silver Key Award – Photography Glass
Honorable Mention Award – Photography Forest
Carolina Colley (12) Honorable Mention Award – Painting Artist in the Summer
Mallory Farrar (12) Honorable Mention Award – Ceramics/Glass Arachnids Vase
Makena Lee (12) Honorable Mention Award – Photography Visualization
Kiara Summers (12) Silver Key Award – Ceramics & Glass The Terminality of Grecian Women in the Face of Divinity
Andrija Zekovic (11) Silver Key Award – Mixed Media Ratni konj
Silver Key Award – Painting Not half the man I wish I were
Silver Key Award – Painting Old Man Caught in thinking
Silver Key Award – Mixed Media Her Within Me
Honorable Mention Award – Painting In the Eyes of the Bull
Honorable Mention Award – Painting Mistreatment of a Pig



Rowan Carr (11) Gold Key Award – Mixed Media Connected Through Lies
Honorable Mention Award – Mixed Media Read Between the Lines
Anushka Chavda (11) Silver Key Award – Photography A Smile in the Sun
Hazel Lichtenwalner (10) Honorable Mention Award – Mixed Media Objectification
Sawyer Pedersen (10) Silver Key Award – Photography Down the Line
Honorable Mention Award – Photography Washington
Honorable Mention Award – Photography Old Time



Name (Grade) Award Title
Liam McLean (10) Silver Key Award – Ceramics/Glass Duality



Name (Grade) Award Title
Lucy Bernard (10) Silver Key Award – Drawing & Illustration 25 Cents
Silver Key Award – Drawing & Illustration Sea and Skulls
Amelia Edmonds (12) Silver Key Award – Painting Watching
Silver Key Award – Comic Art Origin Story
Silver Key Award – Portfolio Portfolio 1
Sheldyn Fisher (11) Honorable Mention Award – Photography Hopeful Eyes
Jakob Hall (11) Honorable Mention Award – Painting A Mask of Admiration
Honorable Mention Award – Drawing & Illustration Homer Still life
Ellie LaBrie (12) Honorable Mention Award – Photography Field of Trees
Isabella Naves (11) Silver Key Award – Painting Paradise
Sragvi Nomula (12) Honorable Mention Award – Drawing & Illustration I’m (Not) Barbie
Honorable Mention Award – Portfolio India
Elizabeth Norman (10) Silver Key Award – Digital Art Entertainment
Honorable Mention Award – Digital Art Haircut
Honorable Mention Award – Painting I Am

Award totals: 3 Gold Keys, 17 Silver Keys, and 19 Honorable Mention.


The Scholastic Art Awards of New Hampshire
The Scholastic Art Awards of New Hampshire (SAANH) is a regional visual arts affiliate of the prestigious national Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Each year in September, the call goes out from SAANH to all New Hampshire’s Art Educators, grades 7-12, to register and submit their outstanding student artwork.

There are 17 individual categories that students may enter work in. They range from Drawing and Painting to Sculpture and Mixed Media. Seniors may also submit a body of 6 pieces of work in a portfolio to compete for a number of cash and scholarships.

The SAANH believes that a moment of positive recognition can inspire a student to pursue a lifetime of creative expression. It is critical to provide each emerging generation of creative leaders with early encouragement and to support artistic development. Acknowledging that these skills are best nurtured in an environment in which creativity is valued, it is also essential to recognize and reward educators for their classroom efforts to encourage creativity, and to cultivate support for young artists.