CBNA Student Receives Silver Medal in 2022 National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

“We can say for certain then that a program like [The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards] doesn’t just honor artists. It creates them. It nurtures them. It gives them permission to shine brighter, to think differently, to be bolder.” – Jennifer Garner


When Coe-Brown Northwood Academy junior Samara Kern sat down to tackle her Flash Fiction writing assignment for her ‘Creative Writing’ class, she was not feeling particularly inspired. Kern notes, “Out of all that I have written, that was not the one that I thought would win anything. That was a surprise.” Kern’s writing piece titled “His Forgetfulness” was one of three works that Kern submitted to the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards at the New Hampshire state level where it won a Gold Key. The same writing piece went on to win a Silver Medal in the National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.

In “His Forgetfulness,” Kern creates a snapshot into the lives of two old men living in the country, former farmers, who are coping with the passage of time. One of the two men struggles with the onset of what might be dementia, but together, the two of them work together to remember, and in doing so illustrate the power of friendship, companionship, and the power of memory, or in this case, the impact of the lack thereof.

Flash Fiction is characterized as much by its brevity, as the plot and character development required within its short framework. Although Kern excels at flash fiction, she doesn’t see herself as a fiction author, preferring other genres instead. “Personal narrative is easiest, but poetry is my favorite. Fiction, nope. I just don’t see myself as that creative.” The assignment that resulted in this award-winning work gave each student in the class 30 minutes to write only 5-1,500 words, using a teacher-provided photograph as a prompt.

Kern’s teacher for her Creative Writing course, Amy Usinger, a ten-year veteran of the Coe-Brown faculty, was impressed that a sixteen-year-old young woman could so accurately portray the voice of these elderly men. Usinger commented on Kern’s “economy of language and understanding of the breadth of human experience,” and says Kern’s, “mature insight captured the subtlety of gesture for these two men who were so nostalgic over a forty-year friendship that is fading fast.”

When the email from the National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards judges arrived in Kern’s inbox, she was very surprised and promptly texted her parents, “Guess what!” Kern plans to pursue her writing skills through workshops this summer, possibly at New York University or through The Knowledge Society’s Global Virtual Program.

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards annually recognize student achievement in the visual and literary arts in twenty-eight categories, including drawing and illustration, photography, flash fiction, poetry, film and animation, journalism, and more. Since the program’s founding in 1923, the Awards have fostered the creativity and talent of millions of students, including renowned alumni who have gone on to become leaders in their fields, including Amanda Gorman, Tschabalala Self, Stephen King, Kay WalkingStick, Charles White, Joyce Carol Oates, and Andy Warhol. An Award signifies to parents, teachers, the community and colleges that a student is an accomplished artist or writer. The Awards offer opportunities for creative teens to earn recognition, exhibition, publication and scholarships.

In 2022, only twenty-four students from eight different New Hampshire high schools, both public and private, representing thirty-one written works, received National awards. Each work of art and writing is blindly adjudicated, first locally through the more than 100 affiliates of the Alliance, and then nationally by panels of judges comprised of renowned artists, authors, educators and industry experts. Works are judged on originality, technical skill, and emergence of personal vision or voice.

Quarter 3 Honor Roll 2021-2022




Grade 12      HIGH HONOR ROLL

Megan Brieger, David Brown, Jackson Colby, Jacob Cowan, Lacy Davis, Samuel Dupuis, Gretchen Fichera, Nicole Gaedtke, Trevor Gardner, Kaelyn Hardy, Cadence Howard, Emily Huebel, Alexander Knight, Morgan Koskela, Kevin Kouchoukos, Eleanor LaBrie, Martin Lacerte, Samuel Lavoie, Makena Lee, Max Leifer, Skye Loto, Anya Marengo, Sragvi Nomula, Michael Robinson Jr., Eva Roy, Parker Tatem, James Thomas, Anne Thoms, Lily Veneroni, Joshua Warner, Molly York


Grade 12      HONOR ROLL

Rylee Barry, Malli Begin, Mikaela Belanger, Kylie Bocash, Rowan Boyce, Sierra Brown, Olivia Buzzell, Alyssa Chalifour, Thomas Cirillo, Jamie Coe, Tucker Collins, Jacob Cook, Elina Daniel, Jordan Dean, Ayden Difeo, Amelia Edmonds, Alexandra Elliot, Amelia Fernald, Ava Fitzgerald, Sydney Folsom, Taylor Gagne, Michael Gannon, Cameron Garland, Meredith Gibson, Hunter Graham, Dawson Green, Lars Grotenhuis, Camryn Hildreth, Lars Hogne, Nicholas Indelicato, Seth Ireland, Charles Jones, Aidan Kane, Lucas Laliotis, Jack Lano, Samuel Lapiejko, Anders Larson, Alexis Laughton, Reagan Lo Vecchio, Maxwell Lupinacci, Owen McLean, Elizabeth Midwood, Kaitlyn Miller, Ryan Page, Evan Parker, Brendon Philbrick, Nicholas Principato, Hunter Ramsey, Benjamin Reiff, Natalie Riley, Dylan Ross, Bradley Rousseau, Nicholas Schroeder, Alexandra Stover, Kiara Summers, Turner Totten, Trista Tufts, Ethan Vachon, Logan Virtue, Waylon Walker, Emma Wiley, Camren Winde, Abby Wojtkowski, Ellie Wolthuis, Hannah Woroniak



Megan Adams, Josephine Antosiewicz, Eric Boheen, Ella Brooks, Thomas Brown, Emily Burnap, Nikhil Chavda, Drew Clinch, William Countey III, Aidan Cox, Anthony DeBello, Madison DeCota, Andrew Dyer, Lucille Ewing, Sheldyn Fisher, Thomas Flanagan, Nathaniel Ford, Hugh Hamilton, Nicholas Hobart, Riley Jackson, Brady Kouchoukos, Emma Larson, Aidan Lindsey, Samuel Marcotte, Emerson McGahey, Isabella Naves, Audrey Perron, Lillian Perry, Ean Pinard, Josephine Romatelli, Molly Sawyer, Lily Silvester, Lillian Wotton


Grade 11    HONOR ROLL

Courtney Abell, Caleb Adams, Benjamin Anderson, Maya Barthel, Zachary Bistany, Jesse Brodeur, Brandon Brown, Sophie Carloni, Rowan Carr, Brendan Castine, Kaitlyn Chase, Wyatt Clark, Carly Clemmer, Jameson Coelho, Ross Cook, Alexis Cowan, Brodi Cross, Gabriel Dellario, Trenton deRuyter, Caitlyn Doughty, Samuel Drake, Shea Escabi, Caitlin Frost, Autumn Garrett, Rubi Garrow, Lauren Gibson, Gwyneth Glaser, Gabriela Gracia, Madeleine Grenier, Jayden Hartigan, Christopher Helm, Ian Helm, Finn Hill, Spencer Hogan, Landon Huntington, Ryleigh Johnson, Connor Joy, Samara Kern, Pacey Labelle, Matthew Labrecque, Adam Ludwikowski, Brady Marston, Olivia McGrail, Allie McGuigan, Caleb Medina, Seamus Mone, Wyatt Olofson, Conor Pease, Jonathan Pelletier, Carl Peters, Ian Phelps, Benjamin Place, Hailey Pruett, Christopher Reed, Benjamin Robinson, Daisy Rowe-Fiscus, Noelle Sartin, Frederick Schaaff IV, Rebecca Scruton, Natalie Sicard, Sydney Smith, Dylan Swasey, Mallory Taylor, Geneva Telehala, Jailyn Thimba, Tyler Tkaczyk, Julia Tursi, Elizabeth Weiss, Liam Wheeler, Jack Whitcher, Andrija Zekovic, John Zhang



Jordyn Albin, Connor Bagnell, Anna Bergeron, Rex Betts-Levine, Emma Bilodeau, Isabella Bouchard, Nolynn Brackett, Alex Brodeur, Claire Burbank, Abigail Coleman, Andrew DeBello, Bailee DeTrude, Jason Dumas, James Edmonds, Francesca Ferguson, Patrick Ferland, Olivia Frost, Andrew George, Joelle Hanscom, Eleanor Hill, Colin Kane, Kalina Kasprzak, James Lano, Susannah Lavoie, Michaela Linskey, Somer Loto, Evelyn McLaughlin, Liam McLean, Zalán Mikó, Marin Morrison, Sanjith Nomula, Samantha Peasley, Sawyer Pedersen, Stephen Perry, Jayden Porter, Anna Reiff, Quinn Salter, Hannah Shortt, Thomas Small, Sarah Sullivan, Julianna Vagi, Elias Warner


Grade 10  HONOR ROLL

Mackenzie Aham, Emilee Arnold, Riley Beech, Sydney Bergeron, Lucy Bernard, Brock Bieniek, Alyviah Blad, Rylee Boucher, Sarah Buehrer, Dylan Burovac, Braden Burt, Liberty Cillo, Landon Clawson, Aviana Cormier, Gavin Dabrieo, Sara Davis, Kyla DeMontigny, Ashley Devoid, Nicholas Fallon, Michael Gerard, Kaleb Girard, Eliana Gracia, Luke Graham, Sophia Grassi, Lilliana Griswold, Annika Gunderson, Isabella Hanscome, Campbell Hartford, Maxwell Heigis, Jacqueline Heilshorn, Tabitha Hollinrake, Annie Jerome, Faelynne Johnson, Leighelle Johnson, Ainsley Kilbreth, Isabelle Laliberte, Nathaniel Lo Vecchio, Reed Lyle, Donovan Martin, Quinn Martyniak, Ryan Matson, Honorah McGlone, Saere McGuinness, Athena Moore, Courtney Morris, McKenzie Moss, Kiley Murphy, Elan Murray, Mackenzie Nadeau, Elizabeth Norman, Lilly Parisey, Owen Perra, Justin Perry, Aaron Price, Ariella Price, Kylie Prusia, Judith Quinney, Christopher Raymond, Alexander Readel, Eva Rose, Holly Smith, Jack Smith, Justin Stevens, Olivia Swett, Makennah Tatem, Kassidy Taylor, Emily Todd, Lana Trafton, Chloe Walters, Avery Wells, Gianna Wheeler, Elizabeth Wolf, Adam Woroniak



Seth Brown, Nicholas Caproni, Lili Cook, Matthew Flanagan, Jonathan Hussey, Ryan Kouchoukos, Luciana Medina, Hannah Meehan, Jennifer Noni, Graison Odom, Samantha Perron, Dylan Plowman, Shannon Ross, Emili Sheldon, Isabella Tenney, Coryn Therrien, Brielle Tweed



Elizabeth Abernathy, Matthew Anderson, Lucius Aucella, Samantha Ball, Kennis Barry, Gilbert Bean, Nathaniel Beede, Camryn Buchanan, Benjamin Byers, Ryan Carter, Alexandra Cleaver, Casey Colby, Haile Comeau, Amy Demaine, Kru Donovan, Gavin Dyjak, Margaret Escabi, Natalie Fernald, Gabriel Forte, Quinn Froburg, Jorgia Garrow, Alexis Glidden, Aubrey Glusko, Lillian Gonzalo, Emery Grady, Colby Heald, Anna Hocevar, Haylie Jackson, Caleb Jobin, Grace Johnson, Ashley Kaichen, Ciaran Kenyon, Luc Kerouac, Hannah Klarov, Chase LaChapelle, Alexander LaMora, Bruce LaPierre, Charlotte Leas, Sean Leavitt, Madeline Lovett, Noah Lowe, Delaney Manning, Corbin Markmanrud, Aiden McGuigan, James McKane, Natalie Mello, Madison Moore, Madison Morin, Paige Murdough, Alexander Myslinski, Lillian Peabody, Katherine Pease, Emma Perry, Isaiah Petrin, Haley Plourde, Brooke Pratt, Megan Reed, Amirah Rhofiry, Maryanne Sawyer, Travis Schultz, Dylan Sebasco, Benjamin Silvester, Zoey Smith, Xavier Sousa, Montana Spead, Audrey Tuttle, Stella Vachon, Elizabeth Venetos, Olivia Verville, Isabel Waldron, Liam White, Bella Wiggin, Olivia Wolthuis