The laws of the State of New Hampshire provide that every student shall attend school unless excused “on the grounds that his/her physical or mental condition is such as to prevent his/her attendance or to make it undesirable.”  It is the purpose of CBNA’s attendance policy to encourage compliance with the law and foster constant and regular attendance.  Good instruction depends on regular attendance by all students.  In addition, consistent attendance instills a lifetime habit critical to future success in the workplace.

Parents and guardians of students are requested to notify the Academy between 7:15 and 7:50 a.m. when their student will be absent from school.  An answering machine is available to receive calls before 7:15 a.m.  Students may not call to report themselves absent.

The Academy will attempt to contact the parents or guardians of any student not present.  Students who are absent without prior permission of a parent or guardian will be required to make up time missed during non-school hours.

Students must be in school by 10 a.m. to be eligible for the day’s extracurricular activities.  Students must be present in at least half of the class in order to be marked present.  An absence from a double block will count as two class period absences.

Thirteen or more absences from a full year course or seven absences or more from a semester or quarter course is considered excessive and the student will not receive credit in the course unless an extension has been granted or hours are made up.  Summer School, offered at an hourly rate billed to parents, will provide an opportunity to make up hours.

Extension Requests:

Extension forms may be requested from the main office and must have appropriate medical, legal or other documentation in order to be filed.