What you can expect from Coe-Brown Northwood Academy:

  • Support for your student in becoming a Coe-Brown Graduate.
  • Adherence to policies that are clearly articulated in the Agenda Book and online on the Academy website.
  • Communication with home via telephone, emails, letters, newsletters, and our website.
  • Weekly academic updates via Infinite Campus.
  • Annual Events such as Open House, college and career information nights, athletic contests, and fine arts exhibitions.
  • School Counselors who actively monitor and support your student through out high school, including coordinating meetings with parents and teachers as necessary.

What we expect from students:

  • Your presence: Education cannot happen if you are not here.  Make every effort to be at school in a timely fashion every day.
  • Effort: Education is a cooperative endeavor requiring a positive attitude, effort, and energy in order to be successful.  Expect 1 to 1 1/2 hours of homework each night.
  • Readiness to learn: Be prepared every day with your netbook computer fully charged, books, materials, and work completed.
  • Academic accountability for your own progress in classes. Become familiar with Infinite Campus and check it on a regular basis.  Be willing to try to learn and to seek assistance if needed.
  • Know your classes’ policies about making up and redoing work and remediating competencies.
  • Personal responsibility:
    1. for the “Three R’s:” respect for yourself, respect for others, and respect for our school;
    2. for behavior including appropriate interpersonal communication; and
    3. for possessions; keep track of electronic devices and any valuables!

What we expect from parents:

  • Ensure timeliness and attendance: Please help your student attend school every day and arrive to school on time. Minimize absences by scheduling appointments outside of school hours or at the beginning or end of the day.  See that s/he attends school prior to and/or after appointments, even if it is for a short time.
  • Excessive absences: All absences must be documented. Extension forms with documentation may be submitted for extenuating circumstances that could warrant an extension of the absence policy.  Decisions about whether credit will be granted in these cases are made at the end of the semester for half year courses or at the end of the year for full year courses.
  • Be familiar with Infinite Campus and check it on a weekly basis to monitor your student’s academic, attendance, and competency progress. Any questions should be directed first to the teacher via phone or e-mail. Establish relationships with teachers and counselors so that lines of communication remain open.
  • Stay involved in your student’s school life even as you encourage his or her growing independence. Increased school work demands, new friends, and many distractions can negatively impact your student’s education.  Consistent support is critical to success.
  • Be familiar with all school policies and procedures. Ask for clarification if you are unsure about something.
  • Educate yourself about teen culture including the Internet (Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, online gaming, blogs, IM-instant messaging), texting, music, video, gaming, acceptable social behavior, and the local drug culture.
  • LOOK FOR STRENGTHS IN YOUR STUDENT, not weaknesses and faults.  The world values many more talents than those required in school.  Support what he or she is good at and celebrate successes.