Coe-Brown Northwood Academy strives to produce graduates who are academically and socially prepared to be responsible, caring and contributing members of the global society.

To achieve this mission we seek to:

  1. Promote learning outcomes that:
    • meet high academic standards
    • support excellence in the acquisition of literacy, technology, analytical, computational, and communication skills
    • place the needs of the individual student first, maintaining small teacher/student ratios
    • provide a strong foundation for post-secondary education, employment, and life-management skills
    • reflect and meet the needs of students in a multi-cultural society
    • instill a sense of civic responsibility.
  2. Create an environment that fosters an appreciation of:
    • life-long learning
    • critical and creative thinking
    • personal responsibility
    • self-respect
    • multiple aspects of knowledge
  3. Support mutual respect for peers, faculty, administration, community, and the environment through example, curriculum, community service projects, and community involvement within the school.
  4. Continuously assess, improve, and develop curriculum in response to the ever-changing world

Coe-Brown Northwood Academy is a comprehensive secondary institution offering the highest quality curriculum of studies to the residents of Northwood, Strafford, and surrounding towns.  Our educational programs and opportunities are accessible to both traditional and non-traditional learners, responsive to the diverse needs of an ever-changing community, and consistent with state and federal laws supporting the education of our youth.

The Academy offers a curriculum of studies which is consistent with these premises and the laws of the State of New Hampshire.  This curriculum, woven into a coordinated course of study, will enable all students to realize their potential and prepare them for their chosen endeavors upon graduation.  The expertise of faculty and staff permits course offerings to develop the full potential of all students, whether they be educationally advantaged or challenged.  It is then incumbent on the students to be academically diligent, consistent in attendance, and positive in attitude to successfully complete their chosen course of studies.