What is a competency?

Competencies are the key knowledge, skills, or outcomes a student must show in a class in order to prove that s/he is “competent” in the course materials.  Often this is assessed by a major test grade, project, or performance assessment (such as a lab).

What is the difference between the overall class average and the competency grade?

It might seem that if a student is “competent,” then that should be enough to pass a class.   However, the class average is a compilation of MANY aspects of a class, rather than one specific skill or knowledge base.  For example, many competencies are measured by one or two major grades.  However, a student’s performance in class relies heavily on the homework assignments, participation with his or her peers during class, and many other topics that do not necessarily fall into a separate competency.  Simply, the class average shows the student’s grade OVERALL, while competencies measure ONE specific content area, skill, or knowledge base.

What does this mean for your student?

In order to pass a class and get credit, every student must complete THREE objectives:

  1. achieve 70% or above as a final class average AND
  2. pass ALL competencies for the class AND
  3. meet the attendance requirement.

If a student does not complete ALL objectives, s/he will NOT receive credit for the course.  In other words, if a student has any grade above 69, but failed one competency, s/he will not pass the class and will not be issued credit for the course.  Of course, if a student has a final average below 70, that student will fail the class, even if s/he passed all the competencies.

How do you find out what the competencies are for each class?

The competencies for a class (typically 6-12 of them) are located under “Class Information” in the gradebook for each class within Infinite Campus.  In addition, the teacher for each class will be going over them with your student at the start of the semester.  We highly recommend you utilize Infinite Campus to its maximum potential.  Teachers will update both grades and competencies on Infinite Campus so that both your student and you are able to stay informed.