This program is available to seniors who are looking for “real-world” work experience during their senior year.    The internship program will integrate students’ academic and work-based learning experiences.  Extended and focused work-based learning opportunities expose students to the realities and expectations of the workplace.  Classroom experiences equip students with pre-employment skills, enhance connections between school and careers, and promote personal growth and development.

Length of Program: Full year with internship at the same location throughout

Hours: Students must complete 10 hours of work weekly at a career-focused job site, enroll in the Career Education Internship class, and maintain the normal course load required of all seniors.

Credit: Successful completion of each semester in the program will result in 1 credit for the work internship, in addition to credits earned for classes.

Application: Students interested in the program should apply prior to the start of their junior year.  Junior year classes will reflect the senior year participation in the Career Education Internship Program. The career area of interest will also be indicated at this point so that, ideally, all internships will be ready by the beginning of 12th grade.

Typical Credit Progression
9th Grade
10th Grade11th Grade12th Grade
Early American Govt.
English 9
Comp. Lit.
English 10
Global Studies
English 11
Finish Science Req.
Finish PE Req.
20th Century America / Cont. Issues
Elective -.5
English 12
Senior Seminar
Elective – .5 credit
Career Education Internship Program
Senior Portfolio
Total Credits: 6Total Credits: 6Total Credits: 6Total Credits: 5

Daily Schedule: Students will attend scheduled classes and will schedule their 10 required weekly internship hours outside those classes.