New Student Registration

New families should contact Cheri Wolf at for the registration forms and process.  Due to current policies in place appointments will not be scheduled until the beginning of August.

Welcome. Because Coe-Brown is a privately-endowed public academy, our admissions procedure is as follows:

  1. Coe-Brown has contracts with Northwood and Strafford to be the high school for all residents of those two towns. Consequently, students who live in or move into Northwood or Strafford will automatically become Coe-Brown students barring very unusual circumstances. Northwood and Strafford provide transportation to and from school.
  2. Coe-Brown has a contract with Nottingham that allows Coe-Brown to be one of their schools of record, meaning there is no cost to individual families. Students in Nottingham have the choice of coming to Coe-Brown. Nottingham also provides transportation for students to and from school.
  3. Coe-Brown has a memorandum of understanding with Barrington that allows Barrington students to select Coe-Brown as their high school choice. For the school year 2019-2020, the town of Barrington will pay all of a student’s tuition, as well as provide a bus for transportation to and from school. Barrington families will be asked to pay a deposit to confirm their commitment to attend Coe-Brown but this deposit will go towards the student’s dues, netbook deposit, and meal account.
  4. Students from towns other than Northwood, Strafford, Barrington, or Nottingham will be accepted on an application, and will be private tuition students.

Please contact Mrs. Cheri Wolf, School Counseling Secretary, at 603-942-5531 for more information about the registration process. This includes students who register during the summer or during the school year. Please also refer to the admission links on the right.

School Counseling Department – 603-942-5531

Counseling Secretary:
Cheri Wolf (

Director of Counseling:
Mrs. Shanyn Grenier (

School Counselors (students assigned by last name):
 A – De: Mrs. Jennifer Burns (
Di – J: Mr. Nathan Bassett (
K – Pi: Mrs. Tara Tenasco (
Pl – Z: Mrs. Jen Cox (