CBNA Theatre Presents-Elsewhere

Coe-Brown Northwood Academy Theatre to perform Elsewhere by Dan Zolidis, renowned Author, Educator and Playwright for Teens

Northwood, New Hampshire… At a boarding school in New Hampshire, the former headmaster’s house sits empty, abandoned for decades after his son’s disappearance inside, and now thought to be haunted. When four students break in on a dare, they don’t find ghosts or ghouls. Instead, they find a doorway to another world: Elsewhere. Elsewhere is a realm of pure imagination, overflowing with everything that the young protagonists Sylvan, Ariel, Jenna, and Vi could ever want: magic, adventure, acceptance, purpose, and a half-human, half-buffalo librarian. But the longer they stay in Elsewhere, the more it seems that there’s something not quite right with the fantasy utopia—and the less willing Elsewhere is to let them go back to their real lives. To escape this dream world, the four friends must journey through their darkest nightmares to find their way home.


Written by renowned author, educator and playwright Dan Zolidis, this production touches upon everyday themes common in the lives of teenagers like divorce, identity, health, and finding one’s place in the world. Zolidis, a former middle school and high school theatre teacher, is one of the most prolific and produced playwrights in American schools. Published biographies for Zolidis note that his more than 125 published plays have been performed over 30,000 times, appearing in every American state, Canadian province, and sixty-seven different countries.


Coe-Brown’s production of the play Elsewhere will be directed by faculty member Jennifer Moynihan and stage managed by CBNA students Athena Moore ‘24 and Micah Linskey ’24. New professional lighting and sound designed and recently installed by New England Mobile Audio will help bring the production to life, with lighting orchestrated by Lydia Grant ‘25, Moore, and Linskey; sound and audio by Linskey and faculty member Aaron Ash; and costume design completed by Kaitlyn Linskey ‘26 with the assistance of CBNA faculty member Kolby Hume. Thanks to all volunteers and staff, and the entire cast and crew for their time, energy and dedication.


The play Elsewhere will be on view and open to the public for evening performances this Friday, March 8th and Saturday, March 9th at 7pm in the Gerrish Gym at Coe-Brown Northwood Academy. Mobile tickets are available online now via our virtual ticketing program at: and will also be available for cash purchase one hour before curtain on the day of the performances. Tickets are $10 for adults, and $7 for students and seniors. Seating is general admission, although special need requests will be honored when possible. Please note that this production does contain some mild language and stylized violence, and may not be appropriate for all ages.


Coe-Brown Northwood Academy

Coe-Brown Northwood Academy strives to produce graduates who are academically and socially prepared to be responsible, caring and contributing members of the global society.


Founded in 1867, Coe-Brown Northwood Academy is a comprehensive secondary institution offering the highest quality curriculum of studies to the residents of Northwood, Strafford, and surrounding towns, as well as matriculated day students from further afield.  The State of New Hampshire certifies Coe-Brown Northwood Academy as a “Public Academy” with public school approval. Our educational programs and opportunities are accessible to both traditional and non-traditional learners, responsive to the diverse needs of an ever-changing community, and consistent with state and federal laws supporting the education of our youth.


The Academy offers a curriculum of studies which is consistent with these premises and the laws of the State of New Hampshire.  This curriculum, woven into a coordinated course of study, will enable all students to realize their potential and prepare them for their chosen endeavors upon graduation.  The expertise of faculty and staff permits course offerings to develop the full potential of all students, whether they be educationally advantaged or challenged.  It is then incumbent on the students to be academically diligent, consistent in attendance, and positive in attitude to successfully complete their chosen course of studies.


Coe-Brown Northwood Academy is located at 907 First NH Turnpike, in Northwood, New Hampshire, on the shores of beautiful Harvey Lake. For further information about the school, please call 603-942-5531 or visit our website at




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CBNA’s Elsewhere logo.

Paragon 2022

Paragon, Coe-Brown’s award winning literary/arts magazine, has gone digital this year.  We will be releasing two-page digital spreads this year and next, designed using text and art submitted over the last two years.  Submissions remain open to Coe-Brown students and can be turned in for consideration by our staff via the Paragon Google Classroom (join code bjv33ty).  The magazine staff is composed of students and advisors who meet on a weekly basis throughout the school year.  Being on the staff provides experience in writing, marketing, editing, graphic design, and layout. Submissions are considered without the names of authors or artists.  The magazine has garnered national awards each year from Columbia Scholastic Press Association and National Council of Teachers of English.

CBNA Scholastic Art Awards 2022

Twenty-One Coe-Brown Students representing 39 works of art receive statewide recognition in

The Scholastic Art Awards of New Hampshire 2022


The Art Department is pleased to announce that the following students received recognition in the 2022 Scholastic Art Awards of New Hampshire Competition – An Affiliate Partner of the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, Inc. A virtual exhibition and virtual ceremony is planned for a March 11th at 6 PM for a live streaming launch.


Coe-Brown Student recipients are as follows:



Name (Grade) Award Title
Lauren Gibson (11) Silver Key Award – Painting Man and Nature
Gabs Hendershot (12) Gold Key Award – Photography Hullo Darling
Gold Key Award – Portfolio Man to the Slaughter
Honorable Mention Award – Portfolio Rowan: A Study



Name (Grade) Award Title
Jeiza Chacha (9) Silver Key Award – Photography Glass
Honorable Mention Award – Photography Forest
Carolina Colley (12) Honorable Mention Award – Painting Artist in the Summer
Mallory Farrar (12) Honorable Mention Award – Ceramics/Glass Arachnids Vase
Makena Lee (12) Honorable Mention Award – Photography Visualization
Kiara Summers (12) Silver Key Award – Ceramics & Glass The Terminality of Grecian Women in the Face of Divinity
Andrija Zekovic (11) Silver Key Award – Mixed Media Ratni konj
Silver Key Award – Painting Not half the man I wish I were
Silver Key Award – Painting Old Man Caught in thinking
Silver Key Award – Mixed Media Her Within Me
Honorable Mention Award – Painting In the Eyes of the Bull
Honorable Mention Award – Painting Mistreatment of a Pig



Rowan Carr (11) Gold Key Award – Mixed Media Connected Through Lies
Honorable Mention Award – Mixed Media Read Between the Lines
Anushka Chavda (11) Silver Key Award – Photography A Smile in the Sun
Hazel Lichtenwalner (10) Honorable Mention Award – Mixed Media Objectification
Sawyer Pedersen (10) Silver Key Award – Photography Down the Line
Honorable Mention Award – Photography Washington
Honorable Mention Award – Photography Old Time



Name (Grade) Award Title
Liam McLean (10) Silver Key Award – Ceramics/Glass Duality



Name (Grade) Award Title
Lucy Bernard (10) Silver Key Award – Drawing & Illustration 25 Cents
Silver Key Award – Drawing & Illustration Sea and Skulls
Amelia Edmonds (12) Silver Key Award – Painting Watching
Silver Key Award – Comic Art Origin Story
Silver Key Award – Portfolio Portfolio 1
Sheldyn Fisher (11) Honorable Mention Award – Photography Hopeful Eyes
Jakob Hall (11) Honorable Mention Award – Painting A Mask of Admiration
Honorable Mention Award – Drawing & Illustration Homer Still life
Ellie LaBrie (12) Honorable Mention Award – Photography Field of Trees
Isabella Naves (11) Silver Key Award – Painting Paradise
Sragvi Nomula (12) Honorable Mention Award – Drawing & Illustration I’m (Not) Barbie
Honorable Mention Award – Portfolio India
Elizabeth Norman (10) Silver Key Award – Digital Art Entertainment
Honorable Mention Award – Digital Art Haircut
Honorable Mention Award – Painting I Am

Award totals: 3 Gold Keys, 17 Silver Keys, and 19 Honorable Mention.


The Scholastic Art Awards of New Hampshire
The Scholastic Art Awards of New Hampshire (SAANH) is a regional visual arts affiliate of the prestigious national Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Each year in September, the call goes out from SAANH to all New Hampshire’s Art Educators, grades 7-12, to register and submit their outstanding student artwork.

There are 17 individual categories that students may enter work in. They range from Drawing and Painting to Sculpture and Mixed Media. Seniors may also submit a body of 6 pieces of work in a portfolio to compete for a number of cash and scholarships.

The SAANH believes that a moment of positive recognition can inspire a student to pursue a lifetime of creative expression. It is critical to provide each emerging generation of creative leaders with early encouragement and to support artistic development. Acknowledging that these skills are best nurtured in an environment in which creativity is valued, it is also essential to recognize and reward educators for their classroom efforts to encourage creativity, and to cultivate support for young artists.

CBNA Theatre Students to Present Radium Girls March 12, 13 & 14


CBNA Theatre Students to Present

 D.W. Gregory’s Radium Girls March 12, 13 & 14, 2020


Coe-Brown Northwood Academy Theatre will present the drama Radium Girls March 12, 13 and 14, 2020 at 7 pm in the Gerrish Gym on the CBNA campus.  In 1926, radium was a miracle cure, Madame Curie an international celebrity, and luminous watches the latest rage – until the girls who painted them began to fall ill with a mysterious disease. Inspired by a true story, Radium Girls traces the efforts of Grace Fryer, a dial painter, as she fights for her day in court. Called a “powerful” and “engrossing” drama by critics, the play offers an unflinching look at American obsessions with health, wealth and the commercialization of science.  The company of 26 actors, playing more than 40 roles, is led by seniors Lauren Rose as Grace Fryer and Patrick Helm as Arthur Roeder, Grace’s former employer at the US Radium Corporation. Other cast members include seniors Katherine Blake, Ruby Carr, Emily Dallaire, Olivia Fontes, Brianna Jackson, Shannon Jackson, Mirah Johnston, Connor Nowak, Caitlin Reynolds, and Rylee Rogers; juniors Alex Davidson, Mary Katherine Patteson, Clayton Price, Igor Stojkov, Darin Sweet, and Jordan Trahant; sophomores Mairead O’Shea and Calvin Swett; and freshmen Emberlynn Connor, Christopher Helm, Sam Marcotte, Sierra McGahey, Allie McGuigan, and Christopher Reed. The production is directed by faculty member Elizabeth Lent. Tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for students and seniors. Reserved tickets are available at Contact or 603-942-5531 ext. 237 for more information.

CBNA Scholastic Art Awards 2020

Seventeen CBNA Students Representing 35 Works of Art Receive Statewide Recognition in

The Scholastic Art Awards of New Hampshire 2020


The Coe-Brown Northwood Academy Visual Arts Department is pleased to announce that the following students have received recognition in The 2020 Scholastic Art Awards of New Hampshire Competition – An Affiliate Partner of the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, Inc. Thirty-five pieces of art work by 18 CBNA students are among the 1222 pieces of Gold Key, Silver Key and Honorable Mention Award winning student works on display beginning Tuesday, January 22 through Saturday, February 16 at the Stockbridge Theater on the campus of Pinkerton Academy in Derry, NH.  The exhibition is open to the public during events in the theater (Check Stockbridge Theater website dates and times during the exhibit).  An awards reception will take place in the theatre on Sunday, February 16.  Students in grades 7-9 will be honored at a ceremony beginning at 11:00 AM, followed by grade 10-12 at Noon.  The exhibition will close at 2 PM on that day


Coe-Brown Student recipients are as follows:



Name (Grade) Award Title
Destiny Bartlett Blaisdell (12) Honorable Mention Award – Photography Internal Dialogue
Alexis Call (12) Honorable Mention Award – Photography Rusty
Honorable Mention Award – Photography Water
Honorable Mention Award – Portfolio Photography Portfolio
Madelynn Peabody (10) Silver Key Award– Printmaking Hugo!
Honorable Mention Award– Drawing & Illustration Tales
Gabs Hendershot (10) Honorable Mention Award – Photography Before the Leaves Fall
Honorable Mention Award– Printmaking Terracotta Orange



Name (Grade) Award Title
Carolina Colley (10) Silver Key Award – Mixed Media Losing Pieces
Natalie Groves (11) Honorable Mention Award – Printmaking Layers
Misaki Kondrup (12) Honorable Mention Award – Photography Dragon Fly
Mabel Mackey (12) Honorable Mention Award – Photography Chai
Honorable Mention Award – Portfolio Chicken Photography
Morgan McPhee (11) Silver Key Award – Drawing & Illustration Evil Heaven
Kiara Summers (10) Gold Key Award – Photography The Birth of Sarah



Name (Grade) Award Title
Emily Dallaire (12) Gold Key Award – Painting Always Burning
Silver Key Award – Painting Maddie, 19
Silver Key Award – Drawing & Illustration Ripple
Silver Key Award – Painting Okay
Honorable Mention Award – Drawing All Around Me
Silver Key Award – Portfolio Portraits
Anna Principato (12) Honorable Mention Award – Photography Gradient
Jordan Trahant (11) Honorable Mention Award – Drawing & Illustration Colors of the Mind



Name (Grade) Award Title
Morgan Burnap (11) Silver Key Award – Photography Low Tide Sunsets
Honorable Mention Award – Photography Gradient in Granite
Honorable Mention Award – Photography Tropical Waters
Amelia Edmonds (10) Silver Key Award – Photography Nebulous
Lillian Farley (12) Silver Key Award – Drawing & Illustration Reflective Cactus
Sragvi Nomula (10) Honorable Mention Award – Drawing & Illustration Braid of Flowers
Honorable Mention Award – Painting Blissful Summer Day
Fiona O’Shea (12) Gold Key Award – Painting LOVING
Gold Key Award – Painting Burning
Gold Key Award –Painting Cross Yourself
Gold Key Award – Drawing & Illustration Blinded
Silver Key Award – Painting Blood Oranges
Silver Key Award – Drawing & Illustration Hyacinthine Apollo
Silver Key Award – Portfolio Portraits with Plants


Senior One Act Plays

After the closing of their recent musical, Cinderella, the CBNA theatre program has promptly gotten back to work. Their new endeavor: Senior One Acts. The One Acts consist of one scene with up to six characters, all directed by seniors. Some are, in fact, senior projects.

I have had the pleasure to interview one of the student directors, Caitlin Reynolds, who’s piece is called Jumping by William Borden, and features a man (played by: Calvin Swett, grade 11) who has just been cheated on by his wife and is about to jump off a bridge when a woman (played by: Ruby Carr, grade 12) approaches him and tries to force her political views onto him, evidently causing them to fall in love. 

Caitlyn says she chose this piece because it, “Really speaks to her,” has a good message, and shows us that, “There is still love in this world.” She says she knows her actors very well and when reading the piece she saw them playing the characters. She says she can’t wait to see it all come together and is very excited for the final show. She also says that although she didn’t choose to do this as her senior project, she has wanted to direct one of the one acts since she was a freshman. Her stage manager, freshman Cassandra Clery, is equally as excited. 

Along with Jumping, there are four additional one acts. Medieval Medicine directed by Madison Bowen, The Meaning of Halloween directed by Patrick Helm, In the Waiting Room of the Ghost Placement Agency directed by Abi Pellitier, and Weekend Warriors directed by Mrs. Lent and assistant directed by Lauren Rose. 

All cast, crew and theatre friends are very excited for this newest endeavor. Please join us on December 11th in the Garrish Gym at 7pm to watch these wonderful and hilarious shows!