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Northwood’s Coffee Controversy

Coe-Brown Northwood Academy students may soon have  not just one coffee shop, but two on their route to school. 

Four months ago Mike Sullivan proposed the idea of the coffee franchise, Aroma Joe’s, being built on his property along Route Four. Sullivan and his wife Christine have been living along Route Four for two years. His dedication to the project is seen through the traffic studies and many proposals he has created for the town of Northwood’s planning board. 

Students and members of the Northwood community would be affected in many ways if this new coffee franchise was added. Many think the Aroma Joes will cause even more traffic congestion resulting in accidents on Route Four. There have been four fatal car accidents on Route Four since 2016, and many members of Northwood are questioning whether or not this business will actually benefit the town. In a letter addressed to the Northwood planning board, Marcia Severance of Northwood said, “It would seem that putting an Aroma Joe;s would certainly not be in keeping with the historical and rural character of this property,” her statement is similar to many other residents of Northwood who believe the Aroma Joe’s would not suit the town. 

Melanie Hamilton of  Northwood said “Northwood residents like to view the town as unique, as having a special character, with small businesses such as the antique dealers, Susty’s, Cooper Hill, and Umami lining Route Four.” The risk of losing the small business-feel of Northwood is a fear many have.

    Others such as Martine Canfield, a resident of Northwood, have suggested that extreme changes to Route Four need to be made such as, “…. a traffic signal needs to be in place at the intersection with Bow Lake Road first, before the coffee shop opens for business.” A common fear of those who do not agree with the coffee shop being built is the traffic congestion that would worsen. 

While there are residents of Northwood who oppose the idea of the Aroma Joes, the new coffee shop would be a dream for most students to have such as Kate Hocevar, a junior at Coe Brown, who says, “Having a new place to go get coffee in the morning and a new selection for students to get different drinks will make my mornings better.” 

There is a Dunkin’ Donuts attached to the Mobil gas station that has been very successful in employing Coe-Brown students, as well as giving students and members of the community a quick and easy food or beverage option. Sullivan thinks the Aroma Joes will do the same and is “pro business.”

The town is divided over the proposal of the new Aroma Joes as the Northwood planning board works through the adjustments and reasoning that are involved with this possible new addition to Northwood’s unique community. 

Jesse Davis

Upperclassmen to Underclassmen: Advice for Your Years in High School

High school marks a huge transitional period in life. With all the change that is coming on the first day when you walk through the door, it’s completely understandable that underclassmen might be overwhelmed with the big picture of high school for the next four years. However, coming from an upperclassmen standpoint, there are so many things I wish I’d known about the high school experience now that it’s close to over. For me, high school has certainly been one of the most memorable times of my life. Even though there are hard moments with classes or procrastinating, overcoming the challenges is rewarding and has proven to be beneficial in the long run. Below is a list of advice from CBNA upperclassmen and alumni who hope to pass their now-known knowledge to the next group of incoming students.

“Joining clubs and getting to know the faculty is still the best part of my CBNA experience!”

Being part of at least one club is key to being involved in the CBNA community. Participation in several different kinds of clubs helps you to have a connection with other people who share the same bond as you reveal life skills that can be used in the future. Knowing your teachers is also an important part of making high school memorable. They are the people that are definitely qualified to help you the most and have the skills in a large amount of different topics.

“I would have taken more time to hang out with friends even if it was late on a school night.”

Believe it or not, high school is not just all about work and getting grades to get accepted into a college if that’s what your future goal is. Sometimes, taking a little bit of “me time” to do some of your favorite hobbies. Friendships in high school honestly do last a lifetime and finding several awesome groups of people to be around is a great way to spend your time too. Making memories with them is important and it’s the little things that go a long way. Sometimes it’s midnight trips to the movie theater and attempting to sneak ice cream and pizza in that mean the most with your friends.

“Get your homework done and turn it in because it is worth so much of grades.”

And going off of the advice from before, still always do your homework. School comes first. The classes at CBNA can be hard, but doing the work in a timely manner can prevent stress and possible consequences down the road. Getting into the habit of doing your work can help you be task oriented in your future job. Take advantage of your study halls and ask teachers for extra help (they’re always happy to!). There’s also resources like math lab and writing center that can give you an extra understanding to be successful. And always study for quizzes and tests.

“Go the Tech route. Take classes that taught life skills and would prepare me for the military or a career that involved a hands on skill. That is where the money is and the skills kids learn have a practical use in everyday life.”

There are so many different types of life skills classes at CBNA that are available to anyone starting sophomore year. The central focus of these classes is to learn something new that can be applied to everyday life. Woodworking, ag tech, and fine arts are just examples of courses that can further develop skills that can be applied in the future.

“Worry less & enjoy more! You’re always stressed about that next chapter, be it college or work, instead of living in the moment & appreciating this time in life! Also, get more involved to experience various clubs & sports to see what you like most.”

Worrying about your future path can sometimes stand in the way of enjoying your time in high school. Appreciating the time you have and surrounding yourself with your friends is so important because high school does fly by so fast. It’s sad to think about, but graduation is the most emotional night of the year because it means the end of life at CBNA, but starting the next chapter. It’s hard to say goodbye to students and faculty. During the whole year, really spend the time being with friends and participating in several CBNA events. In the big picture of it all, high school is preparation for the future, and CBNA helps all of their students be the best that they can.

Lauren Best

Homecoming 2019

“It’s a really fun experience even if you don’t get hypnotized, you get to see your friends dance around,” Olivia Fontes, local Coe-Brown Northwood Academy senior, said when asked about the annual hypnotist show by Steve Wonker that kicks off Homecoming each year.

Homecoming has been an annual event at Coe-Brown Northwood Academy for several years now, experiencing a revival a few years back. Each year Coe-Brown’s sports teams hold events for spectators, this year starting on Saturday with the Bass Fishing Team at 8 AM. Cross Country competes with Bow and Portsmouth High School at 9 AM, followed by both the Girl’s Junior Varsity and Varsity at 12 AM against Hanover High School. Boy’s Junior Varsity and Varsity begins at 3 PM, competing against Kennett High School, as the Girl’s Reserve Volleyball begins at 2:30 PM, with Junior Varsity starting at 3:45 PM, and Varsity at 5 PM against Gilford.

When asked about whether the Boy’s Varsity Soccer game against Kennett would be a quality match, center defensive midfielder, Jarred Pelletier, said, “I would say that you can’t go into any game underestimating your opponent. You always have to be ready for anything, you don’t know what players could have possibly been pulled up, and on top of that the conditions aren’t looking very good for Saturday so any little bounce could change the game”. Spectators can expect a new playing formation from the boys this year, “For the game hopefully it will work in our favor, against theirs,” Jacob Radwan, center attacking midfielder, commented and when asked about the future prospects of the team he said, “Yes we have high hopes this year. But a lot of hard work in training has to be done first to get to those goals”.

Homecoming also hosts a variety of different events for those not interested in viewing sports. FCCLA has a pancake breakfast at 8 AM. Clubs from around Coe-Brown will be hosting different events throughout campus and concessions will be offered.

The Homecoming Dance will be hosted by the Class of 2021 in the Gerrish Gym at 7 to 10 PM. Snacks, water, and goodies will be sold. “The Class of 2020 is selling handmade scrunchies,” said Ally Wheeler, a class officer for the Class of 2020.


– Anna Principato