Coe-Brown competes in Division II athletics for men and women. Consistent winning records attest to the strong support of the student body, staff and community. You may also view our co-curricular and inter-curricular clubs and organizations.

Fall Sports: Mid-August to November

  • Girls’ Soccer: Varsity and J.V.
  • Boys’ Soccer: Varsity  J.V. Reserve
  • Girls’ Volleyball: Varsity J.V. and Reserve
  • Girls’ Cross Country: Varsity and J.V.
  • Boys’ Cross Country: Varsity and J.V.
  • Varsity Golf: Coed
  • Varsity Bass Fishing: Coed

Winter Sports: November 1 to February

  • Girls’ Basketball: Varsity, J.V. and Reserve
  • Boys’ Basketball: Varsity, J.V. and Reserve
  • Coed Varsity Indoor Track
  • Coed Varsity Swimming
  • Coed Varsity Wrestling
  • Boys’ Varsity Hockey
  • Girls’ Varsity Gymnastics

Spring Sports: Mid-March to June

  • Softball: Varsity and J.V.
  • Baseball: Varsity and J.V.
  • Boys’ Track: Varsity and J.V.
  • Girls’ Track: Varsity and J.V.
  • Boys’ Tennis: Varsity and J.V.
  • Girls’ Tennis: Varsity and J.V.
  • Boys’ Volleyball: Varsity and J.V.
  • Boys’ Varsity Lacrosse and J.V.
  • Girls’ Lacrosse: Varsity and J.V.