PProject Success was designed to aid students who are struggling academically due to poor study habits, missing work, etc. The goal of this program is to help students learn to maintain their grades and avoid further consequences. This program can be mandatory or voluntary. Mandatory students are referred for failing, 5+ missing assignments, etc. and will be referred by the teacher and/or guidance counselor. Voluntary students are students that seem to be struggling, but have not yet received any consequences for missing work or may not have failing grades. Voluntary students may refer themselves or may also be referred by a teacher, parent/guardian, or guidance counselor. This program offers scheduled time to meet with teachers, receive help to improve organization and study habits, as well as a quiet place to work. This year, Project Success will take place after school Monday thru Thursday from 2:30pm-3:30pm.

To be referred, the teacher referring the student must fill out a Referral Form and give it to the student’s guidance counselor. The guidance counselor will meet with the student to discuss Project Success.