School Counseling Department

The CBNA school counseling program is comprehensive in nature, reflecting standards established by the American School Counselors Association. Our goal is to supports students in their academic, social-emotional, and career planning.  Components of this program include classroom guidance and individual planning meetings, particularly regarding career and educational plans.  It also includes responsive services, such as working with students experiencing personal situations on a short-term basis and assisting with referrals to other professionals. Students are assigned to counselors by last name, however, typically meet all of our counseling team through classroom visits and school activities.

Director of Counseling:
Mrs. Jen Cox (

Cheri Wolf (

A – De: Mrs. Jennifer Burns (
Di – J: Mr. Nathan Bassett (
K – Pi: Mrs. Tara Tenasco (
Pl – Z: Mrs. Brienne Rouse (

All of these faculty may be contacted at 603-942-5531.

School Counseling News