Summer Mathematics Rules

Write legibly on the answer sheet provided and clearly demonstrate your methods as well as your answers. No partial credit will be given. Justification of an answer must demonstrate mathematical reasoning. When applicable, answers must include the correct units.

When using a calculator to find a solution you should write the problems you are evaluating. You will be expected to clearly write all mathematical steps necessary to arrive at an answer. You are to use mathematical (not calculator) notation when writing your solutions.

All graphs will be done on graph paper with the axis labeled and a proper scale used.

Most solutions should be left in exact answers: reduced fractions, reduced mixed numbers, radical expressions, in terms of π, etc.

If decimal approximations are used they should be correct to two decimal places.

  • The summer problem set will be counted as the first assignment of term I. If
    it is not turned in on the first day of school it will count as one missing
  • A quiz on the summer packet will be given during the first week of school.
    The quiz will be worth 100 points. Students may use their packet during the
    quiz in August.
  • If you have trouble printing out the packet please contact the main office at


    Mr. Damon