Summer Reading and Literacy Ideas for 2020

Coe-Brown Northwood Academy

As the current global pandemic has caused so much uncertainty, many of Coe-Brown’s requirements for summer reading have become recommendations.  Our two AP level English courses will still have some requirements, which will be posted on course Google Classroom pages for students enrolled in those classes.  For all other classes, the CBNA English Department highly recommends as much engagement in reading and writing as possible.  Some may feel that reading and writing is like riding a bicycle: you just pick up where you left off.  Research shows that this idea is not true, and like any skill, consistent practice helps improve literacy.  Not reading and writing causes skills to erode measurably.   A list of ideas and resources follows.


  • Keep a journal
  • Write short stories
  • Write poems
  • Make a short film
  • Write and illustrate comics
  • Keep a vlog
  • Write a blog
  • Create a manual or how-to guide for a home or garage project


  • Read a free digital book on your netbook or personal device
  • Look into offerings at your local library via their website or by calling.

Resources from CBNA’s library for digital and audio books (all free):

Student CBNA Google Site: Home Page

Student CBNA Google Site: Ebook/Audiobook Links/Info

Book info sites–Looking for a good book to read

Audiobook Sync–two free teen audiobook downloads (do not expire once downloaded) each week  April 30-July 29  fiction/nonfiction current popular titles

Free culture and education resources:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Anna Hazen, Dean of English, at or your student’s teacher.