Coe-Brown Northwood Academy offers a credit-recovery program over the summer weeks in order to assist students in moving forward successfully in their academics. This document serves to explain and describe a variety of aspects of the Summer School Program.

Dates & Times

The 2019 Summer School Program will run from Monday, June 24 to Tuesday, July 30. There will be no school on Thursday, July 4 or Friday, July 5. Sessions will run from either 8-10am or 10am-12pm, Monday to Friday. Students will receive their schedules the first day of the Summer School Program session. All Summer School Program students should arrive on Monday, June 24 at 8am in the Gerrish Gymnasium. If a student is not registered prior to June 24, please arrive at 7:30am with full payment to complete the registration process.


Regular attendance is required, as the program is intensive. All absences require written valid reasons and a phone call from a parent or guardian prior to the absence. A maximum of two (2) absences is allowed in a one credit course, one (1) absence is allowed in a half credit course, and zero (0) in a quarter credit course. Repeated tardiness will be counted as a partial absence.

Conduct & Educational Expectations

All regular Coe-Brown student policies apply to the Summer School Program and can be found in the Student Handbook on the Coe-Brown website.

Types of Credit Recovery and Costs:

Course Credit Recovery

This option is for students who have failed an entire course with a grade below 70. Core English classes are taught by a certified English teacher who will be providing direct instruction. The cost for a core English class is $225. All other courses are delivered through an online course recovery module and are facilitated and supervised by a trained professional. The cost for all full credit classes other than English is $200. A full credit course will run the full length of the summer school program, five (5) weeks. A half credit course will cost $100 and will run half the length of the summer school program, two and a half (2.5) weeks. Fee for enrolling in two one credit courses is $350.00

Competency Credit Recovery

This option is for students who have passed a course with a final average above 70, but who have failed one or more competencies. These students will be completing a competency packet created by their classroom teacher and overseen by a certified teacher. The cost for competency recovery is $25 for 1 or 2 competencies per class and $50 for 3 or more competencies per class to be remediated. Student remediating competencies will report to the School Counseling Office at 10am on Monday, June 24 and should plan to say until 12pm. A schedule for remediation of competencies will be arranged with the teacher that day.

Attendance Credit Recovery

This option is for students who have passed a course, but who have had excessive absences in that class. These students will make up hours of subject matter work overseen by a certified teacher. Students will make up three (3) hours for the first day of excessive absences with one additional hour required for each subsequent day of absence. Students will be charged a fee of $6 per hour. Students making up hours will report to the School Counseling Office at 10am on Monday, June 24 and should plan to stay until 12pm that day. A schedule for making up the hours will then be arranged with the teacher.

Additional Information

Parents and guardians will be informed by a school counselor about recommended Summer School Program participation for their student. Payment is due in full upon registration. No refunds may be requested unless a class is cancelled. Extenuating circumstances regarding payment may be appealed to the Headmaster.

Questions/Contact Us

Parents and guardians are encouraged to contact their student’s counselor regarding grades, attendance, or competencies. Questions about registration for the Summer School Program can be directed to Cheri Wolf, School Counseling Secretary,

School Counselors

School Counselor Student Last Name Email
Mrs. Burns A-De
Mr. Bassett Di-J
Mrs. Tenasco K-Pi
Mrs. Cox Pl-Z

Please feel free to call the Academy at 942-5531 to speak to the School Counseling Department.