Chorus, Theatre and Band – the Performing Arts

The Performing Arts are an integral part of the Coe-Brown Northwood Academy educational & co-curricular experience.  Over the years hundreds of CBNA students have taken to the stage in various theatrical productions, raised their voices in song at recitals and arts festivals, and lent their musical talents to band concerts and performances.

Our Mission Statement:

To support and enhance the Performing Arts Programs within the communities of Coe-Brown Northwood Academy.

Who We Are:

SOPA is a New Hampshire Non-Profit Corporation consisting of a volunteer group of parents, students, teachers and members of the CBNA community.

Officers, Directors, Performing Arts Staff & Student Representatives:

CBNA Performing Arts Directors:

Theatre: Elizabeth Lent
Chorus: Colby Sharp
Band: Jon Ludwig

Student Representatives:

Theatre: Mackenzie Flanders
Chorus: Paige Marston
Band: Shane Marston

Executive Officers:

President: Lars Szatko
Vice President/Secretary: Erica Helm
Treasurer: Karin Best

Board Members

Amy Morales
Christine Marsten

What We Do:

SOPA supports the Performing Arts Programs at Coe-Brown Northwood Academy through membership and other fundraising activities.  We provide Senior Scholarships to students planning to continue their study of the Performing Arts while at college and Summer Scholarships to students wishing to enhance their talents through summer lessons. We recognize student accomplishments in the Performing Arts with our year-end awards, certificates and group participation photos.

2017 Summer Scholarship Recipients:

Lauren Best
Paige Marston
Shane Marston
Allison Rose

2016 Senior Scholarship Recipient:

Kayla Cates
Jillian Gordon

Membership Fee:

Membership fees are $10.00 per family.


Your membership fee entitles your entire immediate family to complimentary admission to the Annual Awards Banquet.

Fundraising Events:

  • Boys Home Basketball Games concession stand and 50/50 raffle – this is an opportunity to raise funds through sales of pizza, candy, baked goods and the 50/50 raffle. Student volunteers will earn four hours of community service for their participation at each basketball game (5 p.m. to 9 p.m). The dates will be announced as soon as we know them.

All proceeds from these fundraising events help pay for the Senior Scholarships awarded at Graduation, Summer Scholarships awarded at the Annual Banquet, Trophies, Awards, Participation Certificates, Participation Photos, Teacher and Student Representative Gifts awarded at the Annual Banquet.

Other Activities:

SOPA members and parents help the Theatre cast & crew by providing meals each night during the week of the musical and play production. If you would like to help out, please contact coordinator Rick Burrows at